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Drugs and Democracy in Latin America: the Impact of U.S. Policy.

This major work is the first systematic, region-wide documentation and analysis of the collateral damage caused by the U.S. war on drugs.

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Drogas y democracia en América Latina: El impacto de la política de Estados Unidos.

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REPORT: Drug War Monitor, July 2002. This is a publication of the Washington Office on Latin America’s “Drugs, Democracy and Human Rights” project, which examines the impact of drug trafficking and U.S. international drug control policies on human rights and democratization trends throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. WOLA Drug War Monitor

REPORT: Children of Law 1008. By the Andean Information Network. December, 1996. 82 pages. Available in English and Spanish. A research project on the living conditions of children in the men’s and women’s prisons in Cochabamba, Bolivia. This report illustrates the injustices and human rights violations that occur as a result of the U.S. supported Law 1008.

BOOK: The Weight of Law 1008. Edited by the Andean Information Network. November, 1995. 90 pages. Available in English and Spanish. Personal testimonies of prisoners detained under the antinarcotic Law 1008. Their stories detail human rights abuses regularly committed under this widely contested law and paint an apocalyptic picture of power and impotence.

REPORT: Human Rights Violations from the “War on Drugs” in Bolivia. By Bjorn Pettersson and Lesley MacKay. October, 1993. 22 pages. Available in English and Spanish.

A brief overview of the human rights abuses stemming from the low-intensity, US funded “Drug War” being waged in Bolivia and the draconian Bolivian antinarcotics legislation, Law 1008. Report includes a short introduction and examination of 10 individual case studies.

VIDEO: The Historic March. by EduVideo and AIN. February, 1995. 12 minutes. Available in English, Spanish or Quechua.

Footage depicting the repression and violence against campesinos in the Chapare region of Bolivia, particularly during the “New Dawn” military operation of 1994. Narration includes a brief history of U.S.- Andean anti-drug policy, coca farmers and coverage of their march on the nation’s capital in La Paz in 1994 to protest government repression, forced eradication of coca and the “New Dawn” operation. Originally produced for U.S. congressional representatives and human rights organizations.

REPORT: Human Rights Violations during Police Investigations of Law 1008 Detainees. March, 1997. Available in Spanish only.

This report analyzed the results of AIN research of persons detained for drug offenses in the Cochabamba prisons. It closely examines the consequences of the empowerment of anti-drug forces through this law, documenting the human rights violations that occur from the moment of detention through the judicial process. The report illustrates that, in spite of new laws designed in the last four years to protect human rights of Bolivian prisoners, their situation has not been substantially improved.

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